About CoCoNet

Welcome to CoCoNet, the website of the County Counsels' Association. The CoCoNet website is the center of communication among the members of the Association and is designed to meet the specific needs of County Counsels, their regularly employed staff attorneys, office managers, paralegals and administrative support staff. CoCoNet is the Go To website for News, Communication, Education, and Research, and is an invaluable resource for our members.


The County Counsels' Association is comprised of public attorneys who provide legal advice and representation to California's 58 counties and other units of local government.  The legal services needs of each county are substantially similar.  However, geographic separation of the County Counsels can create a duplication of effort with respect to their services.  The Association serves to mitigate duplication and improve the cost effectiveness of each office by creating a strong communication system linking each County Counsel.  The Association provides the opportunity for a stronger, more unified voice for the public lawyer in serving the needs of clients.

The purposes and goals of the Association are:

1.   Improve the quality of governmental law practiced in counties;

2.   Support and encourage the highest legal ethics;

3.   Provide continuing education and training of members;

4.   Improve cooperation among offices in dealing with litigation and non-litigation matters of statewide importance and concern;

5.   Promote specialization in local government law;

6.   Develop incentives to encourage lawyers to enter and remain in the practice of governmental law.

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